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Friday, December 6, 2013

Olympus Malaysia Photowalk: Walk continues

Part 2: The walk continues for the participants of the Olympus Malaysia Photowalk.
As we walk on toward the Pudu Wet Market, we have more opportunities to take pictures as the people in the street seems to be approachable and friendly. They are camera friendly.

Here are some of the participants action and photos taken during the walk.

All images taken in RAW with Olympus OMD E-M5 and kit lens 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3

Khoo gets the hand on help from Robin Wong

Robin Wong shows Khoo how it's done.

Loving care and protection

Food Preparation

Car Attendent: "Sorry ya, Car want to come in."

Participants: Constance, Edward, Mr A and Pek Yah

Robin Wong shows his skill and his joy doing shutter therapy

Carmen Hong on the yellow line.

Man of the street: Step-by-step which Lily looking for her target.

Mohd Hisham: Money exchanged hands

Crossing: Look left

Road Divider

Carmen Hong in the midst of motion

The Box: Lily and Carmen found their targets.

Tai Foong shows the picture that he had taken to a stranger.

Portrait of a stranger

Portrait of a stranger

Street Vendor moving his goods.

Lady and her Sugar Glider

Catching young frogs for fishing baits

Caged Birds

Constance take a shot on the caged birds.


So far we are just at the corner of the Pudu Wet Market. Next we are going into the Wet Market.
You can also view these photos in it's original form in my Flickr.
All these photos were converted from RAW files using the in-camera filters and no further adjustment except for the resize. Why not edit? Because I believe OMD E-M5 can deliver what I want and I am still learning to use this camera to it's fullest capabality. I also believe it can give me a better photos once I get hold functions and setting as I did with my Nikon D7000. Till then keep shooting.
May you have a great time and happy shooting.

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