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Sunday, April 27, 2014

KL Street Photographers: Meet and Street 2

KL Street Photographers group had their second Meet and Street event on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 of which I am doubt of joining in the beginning as we have planned our own KL Street Photowalk.02 following our good KL-Street Photowalk.01 outing on April 12th.
The good memory and the friendship which we foster during our KL Street Photographers First Gathering in September last year melt my heart and with heavy heart we cancelled our outing and join the KL Street Photographers event instead. From the abyss of my heart, I am really sorry for the nine wonderful friends and passionate photographers who had responded of going for the KL Street Photowalk.02.
The KL Street Photographers Meet and Street 2 started off with the gathering at MacDonald, Bukit Bintang on the 1st Floor but some seems to confuse of the place of meeting. We are sorry for being not more specific of the place of meeting. Rosli Natiman aka Wak Li, dear friend, I am sorry.
I was moving around meeting wonderful passionate photographers whom I admired for their passion and sacrifice for the art. I love the friendly and cheerful faces of the old and the new faces alike and willingness to share their passion with each others. As an event photographer, I moved around a lot and seek for those lost their ways and later I understood that organizers namely Nick Wade and Luke Ding had divided the photographers into four groups which is very good for better street walk and shoot approach. Luke Ding informed me that I am free to choose and I choose Raja Indra Putra group which consist of Scott Chung, Alvin Lau, Leong and the man in Blue.
I am very active in Flickr as there is where I share and store my images for EVERYONE to view and I have created one particular group for KL Street Photographers to pool our good images. At the moment, I promise to comment every images and critique ONLY upon request. Feel free to JOIN if you are on Flickr. By the way, Flickr gives 1 Terra bytes FREE. If you want unlimited storage, then you have to pay extra.

Here are the my journey images and the images taken during the event.

All images taken with Olympus OMD E-M5 and lens 12-50mm f3.5-6.3, 45mm f1.8 and flash FL-600R.

My Journey begin at Kelana Jaya LRT Station

Waiting for the door to open

Am I late as everyone seems to be waiting even at Monorail station

Will they wait for me...but the sign says otherwise "Jangan Tunggu aka Don't Wait"

The Gathering: Old and New friendly faces- Azman Karib Ibrahim greets Khairil Faizi Abdul Majid while Scott Chung and Nick Wade looked on as Mahfuz Mahfiz in green shirt enters the scene. Amir Shariff seems to be ever ready for the shot.

Nik Ghazali Nik Daud introduced himself to Nick Wade while Azman Karib Ibrahim have a chat with Luke Ding. On the other side of the table, Mahfuz Mahfiz, Tamu Kota and Wan Ahmad Nabil have their chat of their own.

More new faces as Zahari Zain enter the scene

Raja Indra Putra (RIPI) : Street and Travel Photographer fills his fuel.

Luke Ding gives Nick Wade a shoulder massage as Tamu Kota seems to be bemused by their action. While Wan Ahmad Nabil burst into his heartily laughter.

Luke Ding takes a group photo

Zahari Zain shows Shan his photos while Wong and Amir Shariff discuss about their passion.

My Group exclude Amir

My Group 4 leads by Ripi

Colors: Scott and Alvin

Today is Olympus OMD E-M1 for Raja Indra Putra (Ripi)
Nick Wade, Alvin and Indra

Alvin Lau

WongCW, my Flickr friend whom I first met at The Edge Rat Run last year.

Nick Wade, the organiser and a very talented street photographer

Nik Ghazali in deep concentration.

Personal Portrait: Raja Indra Putra

Personal Portrait: Amir Shariff

Personal Portrait: Shan
Now time for the street shots:

Morning stroll with Daddy

Tough Job

Start your day with a smile: She is not smiling...too bad.

I love cat

Finance Controller at a vendor stall

Delivery Service

Street Expression

Hot Day

Lights and Shade

Street Moment

Street Decisive moment: Ops! she just ran straight at me

Street Moment

Street Expression: Ohh! Thank you, thank you.

Private moment

Someone is watching

Street Selfie

Street Moment

Burst of street exciting moment

Street Moment

Street Group Portrait

Special moment with Aaron Aziz

Coloured Street Portrait

Street Portrait: New friend

One last shot for John Ragai, street selfie.
Thank you for being with us on Saturday and we will update on our next event.

Added: Thank you to the only two passionate and talented ladies photographers namely Ms June Choo and Ms Shafina Sheridan for their presence at the KLSP Meet and Street 2 event. I also wonder why not a single shot of two of you in my collection. Glad to meet you, wonderful ladies. Hope to meet you again in the future event. Sincerely, John Ragai


黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

You definitely have a good eye on the streets. I enjoyed the event and many thanks to Mr.Luke (ourGroup#2 leader), he was generous in embarking street photographing tips. Looking forward for next foto walk. And have a look of my work at http://cwwongphotography.blogspot.com

Khamsi Abdullah said...

Wow! What an amazing collection of the photos for the day! Tahnks for your comments on my blog earlier. Wish I could join the similar event again later.