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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pen Lovers Gathering - Capturing Pudu in Artistic Ways

Pen Lovers Facebook Group's admin, Simon Leong had organized a gathering and photowalk with a theme Capturing Pudu in Artistic Way early on Saturday morning. Fifteen members responded to the gathering where each one of them armed with various version of Olympus camera from film to digital. The latest camera in the OMD category is OMD E-M10 which belong to Kelvin Ng.
We meet at Pudu Plaza and we start of with breakfast at the nearby Coffee Shop. After breakfast, Simon Leong as the organizer instructed the members to split into smaller group of four for easier movement in the Pudu wet Market later.

Images taken in RAW and covert in-camera to JPEG.
Art filter used:  Grainy film and Fish-Eye.

All images taken with Olympus OM D E-M and lens 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 and 45mm f1.5

The members coming for the gathering are: Simon Leong (Organiser), Yeow Chin Liang, Kelvin Ng (thank you for taking the group picture), Jefferey Ho, Ripi, Thomas, Mun Keat, Scott Chung, Alvin, Jasper Lock, Jonathan Chin, Jonathan, Jia Seng, Yap Tzee Meng, Wang Seok Moi and John Ragai

Alvin, Simon and Jonathan having breakfast

Simon gets shot

Simon gives briefing on the event

Lets Walk
My Group: Wang Seok Mui, Ripi, Jasper and John

Art filter: Fish Eye

Art Filter: Grainy film

Joyous Street moment

Art Filter: Fish Eye | Decisive Moment

Art Filter: Fish Eye & Monocrome

Art Filter: Fish Eye

Jasper chimping
Art Filter: Grainy film

Art Filter: Grainy film

Memory Full
Art Filter: Grainy film | News headlines

Art Filter: Grainy Film | Middle Finger

Lunch Time

After lunch, I walk to Time Square

Another art filter

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best essay said...

i wish i could have been a part of this as well as it sounds so much fun. we also have these kind of meetings here but it would have been different in a different country