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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Street to Street : Photo Exhibition.01

After months of planning, selecting, printing and arranging, a group of passionate Malaysia Street Photographers which comprise of Alifga Wausin aka Agoes Alwie, Dr. Yamin Ismail, John Ragai aka Moment Catcher, Mahfuz Jaffar, Syed Omar Al-Ghamidy, Wak Li aka Rosli Natiman and Wan Zuharuddin finally made their works display to the public on Sunday, October 12th, 2014 by the river bank next to HSBC, Kuala Lumpur. Initially it was planned to be at Laman Medan Pasar which is in-front of HSBC.
Most of these street photographers are from Fotografi Jalanan Malaysia(FJM) and also from KL Street Photographers(KLSP). Please note that you may also find these two groups on Flickr.
What being done before the event?
Alifga Wausin is the main co-ordinator, Wan Zuharuddin takes care of printing while Syed Omar Al-Ghamidy in-charge of arranging the sequence of photos. I believe the rest have their own tasks to make the event a success but I am just being there and hopefully I can help more in the future event. Thank you for your hard work, team. Thank you also goes to those who come to support us.

Here are the images of the event today.

All images taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 and 45mm f1.8

Agoes gives his last touch

Dr. Yamin Ismail hangs the photos

The Team.
 Back row: Syed Omar Al-Ghamady, Mahfuz Jaffar, John Ragai
Front row: Wak Li, Alifga Wausin, Wan Zuharuddin, Dr. Yamin Ismail

The Sign

Display: Photos clip to rope

Photo Arrangement 1
Photo Arrangement 2
Photo Arrangement 3
Photo Arrangement 4

Photo Arrangement 5
Photo Arrangement 6
Photo Arrangement 7

Photo Arrangement 8

Photo Arrangement 9
Kelvin and Wendy Sia

Syed Omar Al-Ghamidy and Wan Zuharuddin with Noza Mohd Safar

Mahfuz Mahfiz and Noza Mohd Safar
Mahfuz Mahfiz with Mohammad Alwi

Mahfuz Jaffar shows an article about him in the STAR to Zamrus Jadid


Alvin Lau of KLSP meets Dr. Yamin Ismail

Safirah with Tony

Mahfuz Mahfiz

The Moment

Wan Zuharuddin explains the future plan of Street to Street: Malaysia Exhibition

Expressive Moment: Mahfuz Jaffar, Manap Semenanjung, Wan Zuharuddin and Alvin Lau.
Mahfuz Mahfiz

Portrait of a visitor

Draw with Wak Li
Mambo Jumbo, thank you for your support.

Wan Zuharuddin seeks Mambo Jumbo's comment of the photos.

Familiar visitor
At 4.10PM , we closed the event as the clouds seems to get darker.

As I walked back to Pasar Seni LRT Station with brother Syed Omar Al-Ghamidy, I got my last shot of the day.

Thank you to the team members for their awesome work and thank you to the visitors for their support. Hope to see you again in the near future. We are looking forward to have more street photographers to be part of our next event.

Last but not least, street photographers that have Flickr account may also join the Flickr where I am the admin namely OMD Street Photography and KL Street Photographers or you may join Mahfuz Jaffar which is the admin, Malaysian Street & Daily Life (Documentary) or else you may join FJM.

You may also view or download these images from my John Ragai-Moment Catcher Flickr's account. Appreciate if you could leave a short note or msg if you download.


Anonymous said...

superb for this day....
i had take my pic from ur blog...
thanks john ragai...

John Ragai said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you for your support. You said that you have taken your photo from my blog, appreciate if you could leave your name as I do not know which visitor you are.
Thank you. May you have a great day and hope to see you again.
John Ragai

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