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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

KL Street NightWalk.01

I have purchased a new Olympus OM D E-M1 on Sunday, November 9th and I will be using this camera for the upcoming important Church event namely the Unveiling and Blessing of Welcoming Christ Statue on November 16th, 2014. This means I have a few days to practice on the camera function and the first thing come to my mind was Street Photography. But the problem is I am working during the week days. Thus I make a decision to practice in the dark street of Kuala Lumpur after office hours.

From this first KL Street Nightwalk, I learn several good lesson especially about metering, focus, mode and shutter (in low light and different light quality) beside the buttons on my camera which will help me in the future Nightwalk and night official event.

This is my first KL Street Nightwalk which is a tough way to practice but I like the challenge. Challenges make the learning stick.

These are the images taken during the KL Street NightWalk.

All images taken with Olympus OM D E-M1 and lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f2.8 PRO


Red Neil, the Henna master from Igan, Sarawak

Let there be light

Up there!


Street to Street Malaysia: Agoes Alwie and Wak Li

Red with Agoes

Hand in Hand

Time to go home

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